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A comprehensive educational kit on the Lighting engineering basics
With this laboratory bench can do the following laboratory works:
LT-1001 Additive color reproduction
LT-2002 Determination of the color coverage of the system of self-luminous incentives
LT-3003 Determination of the correlated color temperature of light sources
LT-4004 Determination of the dominant (additional) wavelength and purity of light
LT-5005 Determining the color rendering index (CRI)
1) IS140 integrating sphere;
2) A set of light sources (LEDs, lasers, fluorescent lamp, incandescent lamp, etc.);
3) Autotransformer;
4) LDC3-32 control terminal for setting color coordinates;
5) Spectrocolorimeter to control the output parameters;
6) Optical rail.

1) Protective housing;
2) Blackout cloth.