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A comprehensive educational kit on the Lighting engineering basics
With this laboratory bench can do the following laboratory works:
LT-1001 Additive color reproduction
· To study colorimetric systems XYZ, RGB
· Learn how to convert colorimetric systems

· Learn to reproduce color with given color coordinates
· Learn to measure the coordinates of color and chroma
LT-2002 The study of metamerism and color rendering properties of light sources
· To study the phenomenon of metamerism
· Investigate the dependence of the color rendering of light sources with the same color temperature on the radiation spectrum
LT-3003 Determination of the color gamut of a system of self-luminous stimuli
· Learn the concept of color gamut
· To learn in a calculated way to determine the occurrence of a color stimulus with the given chromaticity coordinates in the color gamut of the main stimuli
LT-4004 Determination of the correlated color temperature of light sources
· Learn how to calculate correlated color temperature from known color coordinates
1) A personal computer with software for colorimetric calculations and plant control.
2) Integrating sphere for mixing colors to change color coordinates.
3) Amplifier for pairing the Arduino board with a line of LEDs.
4) Diffuse emitter for generating uniform radiation.
5) Spectrocolorimeter "TKA-VD" to control the output parameters (color coordinates, correlated color temperature).