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Photonics Education Kits
Effective development and application of photonics technologies is impossible without the training of highly qualified specialists. The most important element of the disciplines of the natural sciences and engineering profile is a laboratory workshop, which forms the skills of students in practical and research activities in the relevant field of knowledge.
Photonics Educational Kit – Laser Rangefinder
The PotonTechSystem LLC has developed educational kits and methodological support for a laboratory workshop on laser physics and photonics technologies for higher educational institutions, schools and quantoriums. Educational kits correspond to the following topics: the physical foundations of lasers, types of lasers (solid-state, fiber, semiconductor), fiber-optic communication, laser applications (laser rangefinders, agrobiophotonics, medicine), basics of lighting technology.
Photonics Educational Kit – Diode-pumped YAG:Nd solid-state laser
Educational kits on laser physics, fiber optics, lighting engineering can be used during practical classes at universities in the implementation of bachelor's and master's courses related to physics and technology of laser systems, photon technologies. In addition, educational kits can be used in practical classes in quantoriums to develop students' interest in laser technologies and involve them in the process of research activities and engineering creativity.
Photonics Educational Kit – Lighting Engineering Basics