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Luminescent Alignment Screens for Laser Lidar, Rangefinder, Special Equipment
Currently, laser systems with large-aperture beams are actively developing. These systems are used in range finders, geodetic instruments, lidars, and special equipment. Visualizers with a large active area must be used for their alignment. EL series luminescent screens have a large active area and are capable of operating in various weather conditions.

- High moisture resistance and high mechanical characteristics;
- Screens are able to work in the field under various weather conditions;
- A wide temperature range of operation from -40 оC to more than
+50 оC;
- The broad spectral range of 0.75 - 2.1+ μm allows to visualize the radiation of different commercial lasers (laser diode, fiber laser, YAG: Nd, YAG: Er, YLF: Tm, YAG: Ho and others);
- High spectral sensitivity;
- Custom sizes are available.