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PhotonTechSystem LLC has developed modern photonics educational kits
The high level of global technological development requires appropriate educational training of future young specialists.

PhotonTechSystem LLC presents modern photonic
educational kits for higher educational institutions, schools and quantoriums in the following sections:

• Laser Basics
• Laser Application
• Lightning Engineering Basics
• Fiber Optics Basics
The works are designed in such a way that they implement an educational and project approach.

Affordable prices and fast service
✅ Educational and project approach in each work
✅ They have no analogues in Russia
✅ The main components are made in Russia
✅ Customizing sets
✅ The ability to conduct training online

Modern technological capabilities allow you to create remote laboratories – a complex of educational laboratory work with remote access. The use of remote educational sets on photonics will allow students to get all the necessary knowledge on the device, principles of operation and application of lasers. It is worth noting that the current epidemiological situation both in Russia and around the world fully reflects the relevance of creating remote laboratories.

The proposed sets on photonics reflect one of the key principles of modern fundamental and engineering education – interdisciplinarity. In the course of the proposed laboratory work, students gain knowledge not only in the field of laser physics and optics, but also in programming, automation and biology.