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PhotonTechSystem LLC developed visualizers for tuning and adjusting laser lidars, rangefinders, and special equipment
PhotonTechSystem LLC has developed moisture-resistant infrared laser imaging devices "Luminescent Screens of the EL series" with a large active zone (up to 1 m2) for setting and adjusting laser rangefinders, lidars and other special equipment with a large beam aperture. Currently, in the world, laser radiation is increasingly used in devices for both civil and special purposes. Every year, the number of applications of infrared laser lidar systems in cartography, geodesy, oceanography, climatology, biology and other fields is growing.

According to many experts, lasers will become an important weapon of the 21st century. Infrared laser combat systems are installed on various equipment of the land forces, the navy and the air force.
The luminescent screens of the EL series, developed by PhotonTechSystem, significantly simplify the conduct of training and training sessions at training grounds, as well as testing new combat laser equipment. Visualizers are also useful for setting up laser rangefinders and lidars on the ground.

Luminescent Screens EL series are able to work:
✅ in different weather conditions;
✅ in a wide ambient temperature range (-40 °C to +50 °C);
✅ in conditions of different atmospheric precipitation and high wind speed.