«PhotonTechSystem» LLC at the exhibition «Photonics. The World of Lasers and Optics – 2024». Results
For the fourth time team of PhotonTechSystem took part in the international exhibition "Photonics. World of Lasers and Optics 2024".The exhibition «Photonics» is an important marker of maturity for the developing company PhotonTechSystem. So, we are actively preparing and trying to show our capabilities as much as possible. More than 100 exhibits were placed on a 70 square meter stand in this year. The interactive educational zone was also organized at the stand. The four days of the exhibition were dynamic and productive. Our engineers, designers and managers demonstrated exhibits of stand and actively discussed visitors' projects.
Three zones were placed on the stand: zone of infrastructure solutions for photonics laboratories, laser safety zone and interactive educational zone.
Optical tables, laminar tabletop workstation, instrument rack, optical table shelf system and more were presentedin the zone of infrastructure solutions for photonics laboratories.
The particular direction on solving objectives in the field of laser safety was also demonstrated by wide assortment of «PhotonTechSystem» LLC products. This assortment includes: protection screens on laser radiation, specialized curtains, laser beam visualizers. The laser protection booth could be seen for the first time at the exhibition. This booth ensures safe operation of the laser machine operators.
The important direction of our company's work is the production of photonics education kits. A distinctive feature of the Photonics 2024 exhibition was the organization of the interactive educational zone. This zone was created to popularize photonics among students of universities, schools and technical colleges. The exhibitors were able to independently assemble the laser, data transmission via optical fiber, laser rangefinder. The exhibitors were able to study lighting characteristics of light sources and much more. We express our appreciation to the faculty and staff, who visited our stand and took actively part in the demonstration of laboratory classes on photonics disciplines.
Every exhibition «Photonics» is special and memorable for our team. Next year we will try to surprise you with new products and activities. See you at the exhibition «Photonics. The World of Lasers and Optics – 2025»!