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Laser beam visualizers for medical lasers and laser machines from PhotonTechSystem
Modern laser technologies have a profound impact on the development of various fields of science and technology. Thanks to them, doctors can perform the most complex operations that save people's lives every day, and various industrial enterprises can create more and more complex equipment. Lasers make it possible to strengthen the defense capabilities of countries and develop the structure of the Internet throughout the planet. Various devices are created on the basis of lasers: lidars, rangefinders, sights, medical lasers and industrial lasers for processing materials.

As a rule, laser devices are equipped with laser radiation visualizers, which are capable of converting radiation from the ultraviolet, visible and infrared wavelength ranges into visible radiation. Visualizers are used to monitor the operation of the device and its safe configuration.

PhotonTechSystem LLC has been specializing in the production of laser radiation visualizers for many years. Our clients are leading manufacturers of medical laser devices, laser machines, lidars, rangefinders and other equipment. The capacities of our company allow us to produce large batches of visualizers in a short time.

Features of visualizers:
– high moisture resistance and high mechanical characteristics;
– wide spectral range of operation 0.4-2.13+ μm;
– high spectral sensitivity;
– production according to individual sizes.
Our staff will help you develop the design of visualizers and choose the right model for the device's request:
Chernov Maxim
Laser Visualization Specialist
Mobile: +7 (960) 331-47-77
e-mail: chernov_maxim@phts.ru