Diode-pumped LiY0.3Lu0.7F4:Pr and LiYF4:Pr red lasers
Laser Physics Letters Vol.13 (№12): P.125801 (1-6) · 08 October 2016
A.A. Lyapin, V.G. Gorieva, S.L. Korableva, S.A. Artemov, P.A. Ryabochkina and V.V. Semashko
The laser quality LiY0.3Lu0.7F4:Pr and LiYF4:Pr fluoride single crystals were grown in Kazan University by the Bridgeman technique. Spectral-kinetic properties of LiY0.3Lu0.7F4:Pr and LiYF4:Pr crystals have been investigated. For the first time, laser oscillations of LiY0.3Lu0.7F4:Pr crystal have been obtained on 3P03F2 transitions (λ = 640 nm) under multimode diode pumping at 442 nm, with a slope efficiency of 9%. Also, continuous-wave lasing has been obtained for LiYF4:Pr crystal at 640 nm under the same pumping condition with a slope efficiency of 8.5%. The maximum output power of 340 mW has been achieved for both crystals.