Ceramics laser beam visualizers
The PhotonTechSysytem LLC offers an IR3 series laser radiation visualizer made of ceramics doped with rare earth ions. Ceramic visualizers IR3 allow to obtain a time-stable image of the laser beam in normal light conditions without the use of pre-"charging" by other radiation sources. Ceramic visualizers IR3 in comparison with the visualizers of the series IR1, IR2, IR4 have a higher threshold of destruction (100 Вт/см2 for CW-mode and 500 Вт/см2 for pulsed mode laser operation), what determines their use when working with powerful lasers.

The IR3 visualizer consists of a ceramic disk mounted in a metal frame. Positioning of the visualizer is carried out using a long plastic handle.

IR3 ceramic visualizers are characterized by a wide spectral range of 760-1600 nm, which ensures their use when working with various commercial IR lasers: neodymium (YAG:Nd, YLF:Nd, YVO4:Nd, etc., 1.03-1.06 μm), yttrium (CaF2:Yb, YAG:Yb, fiber, etc., 0.98-1.1 μm), erbium (Er, 1.53-1.6 μm), diode lasers (808 nm, 940 nm, 980 nm, 1450, 1550 nm, etc.). These visualizers can be used to detect and localize IR radiation, as well as to visually assess the spatial distribution of laser radiation.

The materials used in the manufacture of IR3 visualizers do not contain radioactive substances, are not toxic and can be used when working with laser radiation with high power density.

When working with laser radiation sources, it is necessary to comply with the requirements of laser safety technology.
Ceramic laser beam visualizer IR3
Visualizer's diameter, mm: 35
Absorption Spectral Ranges, μm: 0,76-1,6
Spectral Sensitivity, mW/mm2: <2 (@808 nm, 980 nm, 1450 nm)
Response time, sec: 10-3
Damage Threshold, mW/cm2: 100 (CW mode) and 500 (pulse mode)