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Instrument Rack ST1 Series
Optical table shelves systems for equipment of the St1 series are designed to accommodate equipment, components, parts and other items. Sizes of optical table shelves are suitable for placing synchronous amplifiers, oscilloscopes, monochromators.
Optical table shelves for equipment from the PhotonTechSystem LLC are made of a durable steel profile with a powder coating, the shelves of the optical table shelf systems are made of a metal frame with a table top made of high-quality laminated chipboard. Optical table shelf systems of the shelving have a number of holes for adjusting the shelves in height, which allows the user to conveniently place the necessary equipment, accessories and other items. The maximum load capacity of one shelf is 50 kg. Optical table shelf systems have grounding points and are equipped with both stationary supports and wheels for easy movement in the laboratory.

- The ability to change the height of the shelves, as well as their removal;
- The possibility of installing wheel supports to ensure the mobility of the rack;
- The maximum load on the rack is 250 kg;
- Powder coating for protection against mechanical damage;
- The possibility of individual production under the requirements of the customer.
Accessories of Optical Table Shelves St1 Series