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Data Transmission via Optical Fiber
· Data Transmission via Optical Fiber
· Semiconductor laser.
· Optical fiber.
· Types of connections.
· Photodetector.
· Modulation of laser diode radiation.
· Video skipping.
· Detection of an optical signal.
· Loss in fiber.
Fiber optic communication is one of the most common ways of transmitting information. Near-infrared wavelength electromagnetic radiation is used as an information signal carrier. Fiber optic cables are used as guide systems. This educational kit includes a 500 m long single-mode fiber-optic cable reel with SC-SC connectors. These connectors allow you to connect an optical fiber without significant loss in signal quality. A video camera capable of generating a continuous video signal is used as a signal source. It is connected to the transmitter. A media converter that converts electronic signals into optical ones is a transmitter. Pulse electromagnetic radiation (in optical fiber) with a wavelength of 1310 nm is converted using the receiver into an electrical signal, which is transmitted to the computer as an image. Optical signals can be additionally recorded using a highly sensitive InGaAs photodetector connected to an oscilloscope. Losses in the optical fiber can be estimated using the obtained data.
1) Fiber optic cable (patch cord) 0.5 km long simplex SC-SC single-mode, 1 pc.
2) Fiber optic cable (patch cord) 1 m long SC-SC single-mode duplex,
2 pcs.
3) SC-SC adapter duplex type F-F, 2 pcs.
4) Media Converter, 2 pcs.
5) Patch cord twisted pair, 2 pcs.
6) IP camera in the holder, 1 pc.
7) Photodetector in holder, 1 pc.

8) Fiber optic cable (patch cord) 1 m long SC-SC simplex single-mode,
1 pc.
9) Optical splitter, 2 pcs.
10) Laser beam visualizer IR1-1, 1 pc.
11) Optical rail 25 cm, 1 pc.
12) Optical rail carriers, 2 pcs.
13) Manual, 1 pc.
14) Packing case with lodgement, 1 pc.
1) Digital Oscilloscope, 100 MHz, 2 channels, 1 pc.
2) Fiber optic cable of various lengths to customer requirements