Investigation of the pumping processes of the Y3Al5O12:Nd solid-state laser
· Semiconductor pumping
· Laser beam control
· Absorption of the Y3Al5O12:Nd
· IR Detection
· Visualization of radiation
· Dependence of the radiation wavelength and diode power on temperature
Currently, optical pumping by a high-power semiconductor laser diodes, diode arrays and matrices is widely used for solid-state lasers. The spectral bandwidth of diode lasers can be ~ 1 nm, which provide a good match with the absorption spectrum of the activator ion in the active medium of a solid-state laser. This pumping method became relevant after the advent of highly efficient (efficiency > 60%) semiconductor lasers. The aim of this work is to record the absorption spectrum for the 4I9/24F5/2 transition of Nd3+ ions. The optimum pump wavelength is determined based on the absorption spectrum. The technique used in this work to obtain the absorption spectrum of Nd3+ ions in Y3Al5O12:Nd crystals is based on the temperature dependence of the radiation wavelength of a semiconductor laser diode. Also in the work, the temperature dependence of the semiconductor diode power and the generation threshold is investigated.
1) 808 nm Laser Diode Module with 1W in holder, 1 pc.
2) Diode laser and temperature controller, 1 pc.
3) Collimator lens in holder, 1 pc.
4) Focusing lens f=50 mm in holder, 1 pc.
5) YAG:Nd rod in holder, 1 pc.
6) Laser beam visualizer IR1-1, 1pc.

7) Optical rail 50 cm, 1 pc.
8) Optical rail carriers, 5 pcs.
9) Digital multimeter OWON B41T, 1 pc.
10) Photodetector in holder, 1 pc.
11) Manual, 1 pc.
12) Packing case with lodgement, 1 pc.
1) Digital Oscilloscope, 100 MHz, 2 channels, 1 pc.
2) System for measuring the diameter of the laser beam using the «knife» method (optical rail carrier, blade, translator), 1 pc.