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LiYF4:Pr visible solid-state laser
· Visible lasers
· Basics of laser assembly and alignment
· Laser diode pumping
· Laser threshold and efficiency
· Properties and Stability of Cavity
· Stability criterion of an optical Cavity
Visible lasers are widely used not only in the entertainment and advertising industries, but also in spectral studies, confocal microscopy, and industry. For example, high-power visible lasers are best suited for processing copper and gold, as these materials have a high reflectance in the infrared spectral range. Visible solid-state lasers based on crystals doped with Pr3+ ions were developed with the creation of high-power blue laser diodes, which are used as their pump.Upon excited at the 3P2 (445 nm) and 3P0 (480 nm) levels of Pr3+ ions, laser generation can be obtained at wavelengths of about 523, 546, 604, 607, 640, 698 and 720 nm. The slope efficiency can reach 72%. Students will gain skills in assembling and aligning LiYF4:Pr solid-state laser at 640 nm. They will also learn how to measure the basic characteristics of lasers: output power, wavelength, generation threshold, differential and total laser efficiency. Students will study the dependence of the laser parameters on the transmission of the output mirror of the resonator. They will be able to analyze the theoretically calculated parameters of the optical resonator with experimental data. Students will also learn how to detect radiation using a laser beam visualizer and photodetector.
1) 445 nm Laser Diode Module Diode laser 445 nm with power 1W in holder, 1 pc.
2) Diode laser and temperature controller, 1 pc.
3) Collimator lens in holder, 1 pc.
4) Focusing lens f=50 mm in holder, 1 pc.
5) Input laser mirror in holder, ROC flat, 1 pc.
6) LiYF4:Pr rod, 1 pc.
7) Output laser mirror in holder, ROC=100 mm
8) Light filter, 1 pc.
9) Optical rail 50 cm, 1 pc.

10) Optical rail carriers, 9 pcs.
11) Alignment red diode laser in holder, 1 pc.
12) Digital multimeter OWON B41T, 1 pc.
13) Photodetector in holder, 1 pc.
14) Alignment targets, 2 pcs.
15) Set for optics cleaning, 1 pc.
16) Manual, 1 pc.
17) Packing case with lodgement, 1 pc
1) Digital Oscilloscope, 100 MHz, 2 channels, 1 pc.
2) Set of output spherical mirrors with different transmission (T(@640nm)= 1%, 1.5%, 2.5%).
3) System for measuring the diameter of the laser beam using the «knife» method (optical rail carriers, blade, translator), 1 pc.