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Studying the principle of operation and characteristics of a semiconductor laser
· The principle of operation of a semiconductor laser
· Structure of semiconductor laser
· Laser radiation modes
· Dependence of wavelength and radiation power on temperature
· Slope efficiency
· Duration and pulse repetition rate
· External and internal modulation of radiation
· Laser beam diameter measurement
A semiconductor laser is called an optoelectronic device that generates coherent radiation upon excited by electric current. Currently, semiconductor lasers are widely used in communication systems, various industries, scientific research. Such a wide range of applications of semiconductor lasers is due to the possibility of their pumping directly by electric current. Semiconductor lasers are characterized by high efficiency and operate in a wide spectral range. In this work, students will get acquainted with the basic principles of a semiconductor laser and its visual design, study pulsed and continuous radiation modes, learn how to measure the temperature and wavelength and laser radiation power, total and differential laser efficiency, pulse duration and pulse repetition rate, and modulate radiation. The educational kit can be equipped with various pulsed and continuous lasers of the visible and infrared spectral range of wavelengths.
1) 650 nm Laser Diode Module in holder, 1 pc.
2) Diode laser and temperature controller, 1 pc.
3) Collimator lens in holder, 1 pc.
4) Focusing lens f=50 mm in holder, 1 pc.
5) Laser beam visualizer IR1-1, 1 pc.
6) Optical rail 50 cm, 1 pc.

7) Optical rail carriers, 7 pcs.
8) Photodetector in holder, 1 pc.
9) Digital multimeter OWON B41T, 1 pc.
10) Cable with BNC connector, 2 pcs.
11) Manual, 1 pc.
12) Packing case with lodgement, 1 pc.
1) Visible and infrared diode lasers (wavelength at the request of the customer).
2) System for measuring the diameter of the laser beam using the «knife» method (optical rail carriers, blade, translator), 1 pc.
3) Digital Oscilloscope, 100 MHz, 2 channels, 1 pc.