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Optical Table Shelf System
Optical table shelf systems of the SL and St2 series provide additional space for storing instruments, laboratory equipment and other accessories. Due to their design, SL optical table shelf systems don't create additional vibrations of the optical table. Shelves of optical table shelf systems of the SL and St2 series are made of a durable metal frame, the table top is made of highquality laminated chipboard. The presence of a vertical row of mounting holes allows you to adjust the height of the shelves.
Optical table shelf systems are painted with black powder paint that is resistant to mechanical damage. Optical table shelf systems are equipped with additional accessories that allow you to ergonomically and safely organize an experiment on an optical table: the bottom shelf, linear LED modules, tool and wire holders, sockets, a laser protection system, etc. It is possible to use optical table shelf systems with optical tables 2, 2.5 and 3 meters long. It is also possible to manufacture optical table shelf systems according to individual sizes and configurations.

- Height adjustable shelves
- Equipped with various accessories
- Manufacturing according to individual requirements
Optical table shelves SL series
Accessories for optical table shelves