PhotonTechSystem LLC took part in the exhibition "Photonics. The World of Lasers and Optics – 2023"
March 28-31, 2023 Photon Technological Systems LLC took part in the exhibition "Photonics. The World of Lasers and Optics – 2023" (Moscow, Expocentre).It is the industry's key event. This event has brought together the leading scientists, engineers and manufacturers of laser, optical and optoelectronic technologies on the same platform.

On more than 70 m2, we presented a wide assortment of photonics products:

Photonics Education Kits: lasers, fiber optics, applied optics, lighting technology
Three types of optical tables: honeycomb, aluminium, stone
Two types of laminar flow systems for optical tables
Optical table shelf systems and shelves for optical table
Instrument racks
Protective screens based on fabric and acrylate against laser radiation
Visualizers of laser radiation
Software "Optics" is for the design, calculation and visualisation of optical systems
The development of photonics education kits for universities, schools and Quantoriums is an important direction of our company. Over 15 laboratory stands were presented at the exhibition "Photonics 2023". These stands enable to organize the practical laboratory courses in the disciplines, which related to lasers, fiber optics, applied optics and lighting technology.

Visitors of the stand were able to learn all about presented photonics education kits. Employees of the PhotonTechSystem LLC conducted a master class. Students and teachers were able to:
1) assemble different types of lasers them selves;
2) learn the operation of laser rangefinder:
3) transmit video/audio signals using optical fiber;
4) design a light source with defined colour coordinates and temperature.

We offer software "Optics" with detailed tutorials for the organisation of laboratory classes and course projects in the disciplines of applied optics. Visitors to the stand were able to make dimensional and aberration calculations of:
1) the Cassegrain's lens;
2) the microscope optical system;
3) Newton's telescope;
4) Kepler's telescope.
The visitors were also able to:
1) make calculation of the lens in the air;
2) assess and optimise the image quality of the lens.
PhotonTechSystem LLC has exhibited the Russian software "Optics" for the first time at the exhibition. This software enables to simulate various optical systems. The software will be useful for use in optical production, industrial design studios and educational institutions.

The practical laboratory courses on the applied optics are also implemented based on the software "Optics". Laboratory works of the practical laboratory courses include "Dimensioning and aberration calculation of the Cassegrain's lens", "Dimensioning and aberration calculation of the microscope", "Dimensioning and aberration calculation of the Newton's telescope" and "Dimensioning and aberration calculation of the Kepler's telescope". The laboratory works can be used for practical lessons of Bachelor's and Master's degree courses at universities as well as in specialties related to optical technology, photonics, etc.

Visitors of the stand were able to test the software and to evaluate its wide range of optical modelling and visualisation capabilities. We are currently providing temporary free access to the full functionality of the software "Optics". You need to follow the link to the software page to use it.
Our company traditionally offers its customers a variety of infrastructural and unique laboratory solutions for production and research in the field of photonics.

Several of our new products were immediately presented at the exhibition. One of them is the laminar flow box. It differs from standard models through the higher ceiling height. This feature allows to operate at the optical table within a local clear zone. The laminar flow box is being equipped with the complete lighting and power system. The laminar flow box is additionally being equipped with the air control sensor, shelves and other accessories. Visitors of the exhibition were able to see the effectiveness of the laminar flow box by themselves. They were able to monitor air quality with a particle counter. The standard laminar flow box of the LFB series was introduced along with the large laminar flow box. This box is fitted around the perimeter of the optical table. It allows to protect optical and semiconductor components of photonic systems from dust.
PhotonTechSystem LLC also presented three types of optical tables based on honeycomb, metal, stone and aluminium plates with passive pneumatic elements as vibration isolation at the exhibition. PhotonTechSystem LLC also exhibited three types of optical tables based on honeycomb, metal, stone and aluminium plates with passive pneumatic elements as vibration isolation at the exhibition. Visitors of the exhibition were directly able to compare the vibration damping performance of various optical tables using an accelerometer sensor. In addition to optical tables and laminar flow boxes, the optical table shelf systems were demonstrated. These optical table shelf systems allow to improve the ergonomics and safety of the laser experiment.

When setting up a laser laboratory or production facility, special attention must be paid to safety issues. As part of the exhibition, PhotonTechSystem LLC presented a range of solutions to ensure the safe working with laser radiation: protective screens and curtains based on a special fabric, protective clear windows based on glass and acrylate, visualizers of laser radiation, laser safety glasses.

Visualizers of laser radiation are the company's first developed product. We have produced over 70 different models to date. They differ spectral range of operation, destruction threshold, size, etc. One of the world's largest series visualizers with an area of ~1m2 was presented for the first time by PhotonTechSystem LLC. These visualizers are used, for example, when setting up laser equipment for construction works.

PhotonTechSystem LLC was pleased to once again take part in the exhibition and offer non-standard projects and solutions for visitors of the stand. The ability to customize both photonics education kits and laboratory products to customer requirements is always important to us. To contact us and discuss your enquiry in any way you wish:

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