«PhotonTechSystem» LLC takes part in the exhibition of PHOTONICS-2024: interactive demonstration of photonics education kits, laser safety, comprehensive equipment of laboratories
Company «PhotonTechSystem» will take partfor the fourth time in the annual exhibition «PHOTONICS. WORLD OF LASERS AND OPTICS-2024». The exhibition will be held from 26 to 29 March 2024 in Moscow («Expocentre» Fairgrounds, Pavilion «Forum») - the main event of industry. In this year, our company has decided to delight visitors with an emphasis on the interactive demonstration of photonics education kits.

Visitors will be able to familiarise themselves with a wide range of photonics education kits on booth FD080 of «PhotonTechSystem» LLC. Photonics education kits include laboratory works on the study of the principles of lasers, fiber optics and lighting engineering and more. The key moment is the opportunity not only to see the equipment, but also to try it out.
Fig. Photonics education kits
Special attention should be paid to the possibility of self-assembly of devices. Visitors of the exhibition will have a unique opportunity to assemble a laser, laser rangefinder, data transmission via optical fiber and other devices under the guidance of experienced specialists. This will allow not only to learn the principles of photonic devices, but also to see them in action. We invite students and teachers to visit our booth FD080. Everyone will be able to: assemble a laser, realise different modes of laser generation (second harmonic generation, active and passive q-switching, etc.), familia rise themselves with the principles of laser rangefinder, learn to control the "colour" of light sources, master the principles of data transmission via optical fiber and transmit audio and video signals.

Participation in the exhibition PHOTONICS-2024 provides various opportunities for both specialists and students. They can get acquainted with the latest technologies in the field of photonics, exchange experience with colleagues, and develop business contacts. In addition, interactive training events prepared by PhotonTechSystem will allow not only to hear about new products of the company, but also to feel yourself a part of the innovation process.

Modern furniture sets specially designed for photonics laboratories will also be presented at the booth of «PhotonTechSystem» LLC. Optical tables based on honeycomb metal, aluminium and stone slabs will provide a solid base for a variety of experiments and studies.

Along with the optical tables, laminar flow systems for optical tables, optical table shelf systems, instrument racks and other specialised furniture necessary for efficient scientific and production activities in the field of photonics will be presented at the booth.Such a set of equipment will ensure safety and comfortable working conditions.
Fig. Optical tables, optical table shelf systems, laminar flow systems for optical tables
«PhotonTechSystem» LLCis not just a company offering laboratory furniture. «PhotonTechSystem» LLCis a reliable partner that cares about the comfort and safety of researchers and photonics professionals. The company creates high quality products that meet the highest standards through the use of quality materials and technologies.

By visiting the booth of «PhotonTechSystem», you will be able to see first hand how modern furniture and equipment can transform laboratory space and improve the efficiency of researchers' work. Don't miss the opportunity to get acquainted with our company's innovative solutions. Our company follows the trends in photonics and contributes to the scientific community.

«PhotonTechSystem» takes part in the exhibition of Photonics: innovative solutions for laser safety

Laser safety is an integral part of various industries where laser equipment is used. PhotonTechSystem will present its advanced developments in the field of laser security at the exhibition«Photonica-2024». Mobile protective screens, protective booths and laser beam visualizers that provide reliable protection against potentially hazardous exposure of laser beams will be among the exhibits. Company «PhotonTechSystem» offers not only ready-made solutions, but also the possibility of developing individual projects for specific customer needs. The use of advanced technologies in the manufacture of protective screens, booths, laser beam visualizers guarantees effective protection of personnel when working with laser radiation.

Fig. Laser safety: protective screens, laser beam visualizers
Customized solutions from a Russian manufacturer

The key advantages of the company «PhotonTechSystem» are the selection of optimal solutions and individual approach to each client. Every customer can get a product that meets their requirements and workflow specifics. By visiting our stand, you can discuss projects for customized protective systems with the company's designers and technologists.

Visit our booth in the exhibition of Photonics and see the quality of our products with your own eyes!